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Do We Need Chromium in Our Diets?

If you are the type who reads ingredient labels, particularly labels of vitamin and mineral supplements, you will know that the lists are usually long

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Coming to a Store Near You

Food manufacturers are scrambling to find more ways to attract the health concious consumer to buy their products. The interest in functional foods and nutraceutics by the public has

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Fortified Breakfast Cereal

If it looks like a breakfast cereal and tastes like a breakfast cereal then it is a breakfast cereal. Right? Well that depends on whether, when you were making the breakfast cereal you decided to make it more nutritious

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CLA - More Goodness in Milk

More and more we are interested in what we are eating and whether it is good for our health. Identifying active ingredients in our everyday foods has become a major preoccupation for researchers around the world

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The Sunshine Vitamin May Reduce Stress

Recent experimental results with rats may provide even more reason to start your day off with a glass of sunshine. University of Alabama scientists have found that

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Milk Peptides

The digestion process begins when we chew our food into small pieces and it becomes coated with saliva that contains the first of many enzymes that will help break down the food so that it can be absorbed in the intestines.

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Vitamin and Mineral Fortification

Health Canada has recently released its Proposed Policy Recommendations for the Addition of Vitamins and Minerals to Foods. The document is the result of

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