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Vegetarians and Vitamin B12

People’s eating habits are influenced by many things - their age, ethnic background, economic status, religious beliefs

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Chocolates as Part of a Healthy Diet

Who says that you have to suffer to be healthy? There is more to healthy eating than just raw vegetables and tofu.

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Fiber Helps Type 2 Diabetics

A recent report by a group of American and German researchers has raised the question about the role dietary fiber can play in the treatment and control of Type 2 Diabetes

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Good for You but Not a Cure

To the consumer, the rules are confusing. To the food industry, the rules are frustrating. But to the regulators, the rules are clear.

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No New Vitamins

Consumers are always looking for the newest invention or the latest model. That works well if you are shopping for a car or a new stereo system, but

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Healthy Colors in Fruits & Vegetables

It is no surprising news that our mother's admonishment to eat all our vegetables was good and wise advice. Did we listen?

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Watch Out for Hidden Fats

“Reduce the total fat in the diet” is a point that can be found in every dietary recommendation that has been published for North Americans over

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