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The Debate About the Effects of Soy

The debate over whether adding soy products to the diet can benefit menopausal women continues. Unfortunately, the amount of scientific evidence to support claims about soy is no

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Vitamin E Good for Your Arteries

Vitamin E is well known for a variety of health related reasons. It is at the head of the list of known antioxidants; many of the beneficial effects ascribed to vitamin E are due to its protective

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fiber diet

Adding More Fiber to your Diet

The modern diet that contains many processed foods does not contain as much fiber as we need. That is why most dietary recommendations suggest getting more fiber into our diet.

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folic acid

Young Women Need Folic Acid Every Day

If you are a female, and are of child bearing age, what is the one vitamin that you should be getting everyday? Any guesses? Here is a hint: you should be getting about 400 micrograms per day.

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Natural Health Products Legislation

Long before the arrival of functional foods and nutraceuticals in the marketplace, natural food health products were found exclusively in what were called natural food stores. The number of

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Fat in the Diet

We all need fat to live. Fat is a source of energy and essential fatty acids provided by our diet. We can't synthesize them ourselves. But consuming too much fat leads to many

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Coffee Not Good During Pregnancy

For most of us, the day starts off with a cup of coffee. This dark hot beverage has been consumed for centuries and every so often someone questions whether this mild stimulant is good for our health

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