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Eating Fast Food

Although very few people will admit to eating fast food, the number of golden arches in any town or city indicates that some of us are not telling the whole truth. Fast food outlets have always been

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New Food Labelling Rules in Canada

The goal of nutrition labelling has always been to provide the consumer with information that she/he can use to make intelligent choices about what foods to buy and eat. We are getting bombarded by

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Why is Gut Health Important?

The gastrointestinal (GI) tract is a very neglected part of our bodies - neglected until we get a touch of diarrhoea or suffer from several days of constipation. Considering that everything we eat

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Active Ingredient in Broccoli Enhanced

Although it is often the brunt of jokes, broccoli has long been considered a vegetable that has special health promoting properties. It is now acknowledged that broccoli contains sulforaphane

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Everyone is on a Diet

It seems that to-day everyone in on a diet. The magazines are full of articles on the subject; celebrity movie stars, athletes and politicians can be seen hawking their favourite weight loss scheme, and

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Flax and its Ability to Prevent Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the few cancers that affect only men, because only men have prostate glands. Although small — about the size of a walnut, and hard to get at — located just below the

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Nutrition Information on the Web

It is often difficult to get reliable nutrition information. Yes, there are all sorts of books, brochures, pamphlets and websites that offer nutrition information but in many cases the information is provided by companies that are

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