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Using Food Labels to Improve Your Diet

Consumers are getting more interested in what they are eating. But it is often hard to remember what is good for you and what is not. To help make more intelligent food choices, many countries have

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Milk Products and Lactose Intolerance

The human body has the ability to breakdown the wide variety of foods we eat each day. Our digestive system uses mechanical mixing in the stomach and a variety of enzymes to break down

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Adding Colour to Your Diet

Cooking schools teach that not only must food taste good, it must look good. You get extra marks for good presentation. This also applies to eating healthy. Your diet should be full of tasty foods

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Blood Pressure and Insurance Rates

Though millions of people suffer from high blood pressure, the condition remains a mystery in the medical community. Several things can contribute to high blood pressure, although there is no

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Little Risk in Eating More Fish

Eating fish on Friday was, for many people, a tradition that was adhered to because of the religious significance rather than nutritional concerns. Fish have always been an important part of the diet

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Prairie Rice - Not What You Think

For many people, rice is a staple in their daily diet. Rice is grown around the world and, although there are some small areas of Canada where traditional “wild rice” is grown, something new has come to

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The avocado is one of those things that many of us see in the grocery store but pass them by because we just don’t know anything about them, or how to use them. The mystery starts with

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