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Eggs, cholesterol and heart disease

For many, the question has not been “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” but rather “If I am worried about heart disease, should I stop eating eggs?” Eggs are a very popular food item

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The Energy Value of Almonds

Almonds are a tree fruit that were included in the qualified health claim approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to reduce blood LDL cholesterol. Reducing blood LDL cholesterol is

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Fruit Juices, Sugar and Calories

Fruits and vegetables are the foundations of a nutritious meal and a healthy diet. Fruits provide vitamins and fibre that are often in short supply when you eat highly processed foods. The vitamins found

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Greek Yogurt

Yogurt has a long history, especially in Eastern Europe. It is generally believed that this fermented milk product became popular after Issac Caruso, who was born in what to-day is part of Greece

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Health Benefits of Pine Needle Tea

It’s probably a safe bet to assume that pine needles aren’t the first thing people think of when the urge to brew a cup of tea arises... but a healthy, tasty beverage may be as close as your own back yard

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Processed Foods The Oat Example

Every day we see new food products on the grocery shelf. Food manufacturers are constantly coming up with new ways of processing foods and combining foods in novel and tasty ways.

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Sugar? What Sugar?

It seems that three elements of our diet have become the target of people focused on healthy eating: salt, sugar and white wheat flour. Some have called them the three white curses of the Western die

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