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Who we are

In 1997, Dr. Ted Farnworth, his wife Lee and Mike Bryan formed the company Medicinal Food News. At that time there was very little information about functional foods on the web and the articles were written to provide a basic knowledge for the general public. Most of the 250+ articles since that time have been written by Ted our editor. When we do have guest authors, their name and bio are provided with the article.

Our purpose is to bridge the gap between science and communications by collecting and disseminating scientific information on food safety, nutrition and health and to help translate research into understandable and useful information for consumers.

Information provided on this Web site is not intended to provide medical advice on personal health matters, which should be obtained directly from a qualified health professional.

Edward (Ted) Farnworth

Edward (Ted) Farnworth, the editor-in-chief of Medicinal Food News obtained his Ph.D. in nutrition from the University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He recently retired as a senior research scientist with the Canadian Federal government after 33 years of work, and is doing a variety of consulting work related to food nutrition and health. However, it should be stressed that Medicinal Food News has no connection to any government, Canadian or otherwise, and it is a totally independent business. In his over thirty-three years of research on nutrition, metabolism and food science, Edward came to realize that many people wanted to know more about their diet and how it affected their health, but there were very few places where such people could find easy-to-understand information. Medicinal Food News was born out of the desire to help consumers make informed choices about their diet.
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Mike Bryan

Mike Bryan is the webmaster for Medicinal Food News. Mike also retired after 37 years doing nutrition / food research for the Canadian government. He has had a long interest in computers and computer programming and was looking for a challenging project to stretch his wings. Mike is responsible for setting up and maintaining everything you see in Medicinal Food News. Behind the scenes he continues to improve the sites look and feel and accessibility for a worldwide audience.
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Lee Farnworth

Lee Farnworth is the head of the editorial board. She has recently retired as a professor at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada. It is Lee’s job to see that all articles get proof read before being published. The criteria she uses are the standard spelling, grammar and punctuation rules, but in addition, she always is asking the question "would someone with very little science knowledge be able to understand this?" At least one academic has criticized us for not being scientific enough, but the overwhelming response by our readers has convinced us that Lee’s judgement is just about right.
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