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Medicinal Food News has traditionally been ad free. We feel the time has come to allow selected advertisements that support our theme and provide our readers with products that enhance and improve their health.

Many of today’s ads are intrusive, gliding over viewing content and causing unintentional redirects to ad sites. We feel this only alienates readers. While lacking some of the advantages of graphical ads, text-based ads have some powerful advantages of their own. They download almost instantly and are not affected by ad blocking software. It has been suggested by a search company that the click-through rate is 4-5 times higher than industry standard for banner ads. For these reasons we have opted for text-base ads.

Placement of ads has long held prominence at the top of the web page. However, since our articles are short and typically one page, we have decided to post our ads at the end of articles. With your input, we will post your ad with the most relevant article(s).

Total text should be no greater that 250 characters including spaces. A small image can be placed beside the text and should be 100x75 (wxh) pixels.

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