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Stay in the Pink

When it comes to choosing your grapefruit, you might want to think pink. Grapefruit comes in two varieties: white and pink. There are some people who will only buy brown shelled eggs and there are some people who will only buy pink grapefruit. Whether the egg shell is brown or any other colour, there is no difference in the egg inside. However. the same isn’t true for pink and white grapefruit.


Pink grapefruit gets its colour from carotenoids (carotene); pink grapefruit contains over fifty times the carotenoid of white grapefruit. In the body, carotenoids are partially converted to functional foods or vitamin A. So eating pink grapefruit adds vitamin A to your diet. Vitamin A is an antioxidants that is required in the diet for good growth, skin development and is important in the maintenance of colour and peripheral vision. There are many other foods that are better sources of vitamin A, but if you have a choice, and the price is the same, choosing pink grapefruit rather than white will boost your vitamin A intake.

Grapefruit Facts
BOTANICAL NAME: citrus maximus
VITAMIN A CONTENT: pink variety 180 IU;
white variety 3 IU<
VITAMIN C CONTENT: 44 mg / half section
FOOD ENERGY:pink variety 50 kcal or 210 kJ / half section
white variety 45 kcal or 190 kJ / half section

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