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The Apple - by Michael Koger

The Romans and Egyptians introduced the apple to Britain; later it came to America. The pilgrims planted the first American apple trees in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. This valuable fruit contains a significant amount of dietary fiber and less than one hundred calories. It does not have saturated fat and is, therefore, a good food to prevent the development of cancer. One should eat at least five fruits and vegetables everyday. Apples do not contain any sodium or cholesterol. It is best to eat apples with the skin as vitamin C is located just beneath the skin. Eating an apple freshens the mouth.


There are more than two thousand types of apples in the United States today and seventy-five hundred varieties in the world. Pomology is the science of growing apples. The fruit grows in all states of the United States and grows commercially in thirty-six states. They may be any shade of red, green or yellow. It is best to purchase apples that are firm and without discoloration. To prevent them from further ripening, one can refrigerate apples and keep them in plastic bags. Wash them before eating.

One can carry apples to work or to school and eat them as a snack. Many Americans consume apples as applesauce, jellies, and pies or dried fruit.

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