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Nutrition Information on the Web

It is often difficult to get reliable nutrition information. Yes, there are all sorts of books, brochures, pamphlets and websites that offer nutrition information but in many cases the information is provided by companies that are interested in selling their particular pill, capsule or diet. This is why it s always a good idea to check out who the author is or who sponsors the web site to determine what biases may be influencing what information you are getting.


On the web, typing in nutrition will connect you with about 9,510,000 sites. Adding the term human reduces your choice to 1,820,000. But where to start? A site that is both easy to read and contains information that is backed by scientific evidence, but is not out to try to sell you anything is the site maintained by the US Government called This site describes itself as “a portal to nutrition information across the agencies of the Federal Government” and is supported by 14 US government departments. It contains both information and handy tools that allow you to calculate how many calories you are burning when you are brushing your teeth (5.7 calories for a male weighing 68 kg), lets you judge how well you are eating when you dine out at a restaurant or gives you a quick way to see the nutrient content of specific foods.

This user friendly site provides nutrition information that anyone concerned about what they eat and how their diet affects their health will find invaluable.

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