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Water and Super Water

One of the fastest growing sectors of the beverage market today is not a new cola, or a combination of fruit juices, but rather good old plain water. But it turns out these days water is a bit more complicated than just H20. It has been estimated that worldwide, water is a $35 billion industry which will only get bigger as water quality concerns and fitness and health awareness increase. Over 900 brands of water are sold today. We now have mineral water, spring water, enhanced water, healing water. It's not just plain H-two-O any more; now we have to worry about the mineral content, the oxygen content, other additives, and the pH.

super water

The biggest and perhaps the most famous bottled water is that produced by Perrier. The water comes from a spring and so contains several mineral salts. Perrier is also carbonated. Many other companies now sell spring water, and a few have made claims about the health benefits of the minerals in their water. Besides minerals, a wide variety of "health promoting" or "performance enhancing" ingredients can be found in various water products. However, the rationale for adding such nutrients as vitamins to bottled water has been questioned since most diets contain sufficient vitamins from other sources. It has even been suggested that cholesterol lowering statins should be routinely added to water as a way of protecting the public. Currently, the United States Food and Drug Administration do not have any regulations covering label health claims for water.

Terms related to water
spring water
spring water is water that flows naturally to the surface
enhanced waters
gently flavored water, often fortified with vitamins
designer water
similar to enhanced water, may contain added caffeine, extra oxygen, vitamins or other beneficial ingredients
oxygenated water
water that is claimed to have up to 10 times the amount of dissolved oxygen compared to normal water

The claim that water can be a source of extra oxygen - in particular for athletes - has been has been questioned because, on physiological grounds, oxygen can only enter the body via the lungs, and is transported in the blood bound to hemoglobin or dissolved in the plasma. Tests showed that not only did the oxygenated waters contain less dissolved oxygen than claimed, there did not appear to be any affect on the subjects' resting heart rate, blood pressure or blood lactate values

Mineral Analysis of Perrier Water
milligrams per liter (mg/l)*
Calcium: 147.3
Magnesium: 3.4
Sodium: 9.0
Potassium: 0.40
Chlorides: 21.5
Nitrates: 0
Fluoride: 0.1
Sulphates: 33
Bicarbonates: 390

Most health professionals agree that although we need water. It regulates the body’s temperature, cushions and protects vital organs, and aids the digestive system. there is very little reason to choose bottled water over tap water. Water with added nutrients and / or additives may be trendy, but there is little scientific evidence to back most of their claims.


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