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Several Vitamin Es Effective Against Prostate Cancer

Everyone likes things simple. But very often it just isn’t that way, especially in nature. We all know we need vitamins in our diets. For our convenience, scientists have given vitamins easy names to remember: vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E. But it’s a bit more complicated


For example, there are several closely related chemical compounds that belong to the vitamin E family. Vitamin E has many specific uses in the body and, because the members of the vitamin E family have similar chemical structures, each one can be used in the body - but not with the same potency or bio-activity. Also, because of their different structures, the different vitamin Es are absorbed at different rates. α-tocopherol in the form of vitamin E is most common in supplements, while γ-tocopherol is the form most common in the diet.

Current research indicates that, in spite of the differences in chemical structure, different members of the vitamin E family may be effective in preventing prostate cancer. In a large Finnish study it was reported that men with high blood levels of both α-tocopherol and γ-tocopherol had a reduced risk of getting prostate cancer. The men in the study had received 50 mg α-tocopherol per day and 20 mg β-carotene per day for 5-8 years and were compared to men receiving no supplements. Achieving high blood levels of α-tocopherol and γ-tocopherol through a proper diet and the use of a vitamin E supplement may be wise for men concerned about preventing this common cancer.

Chemical Structure of alpha-tocopherol

chemical structue

Chemical Structure of gamma-tocopherol

chemical structue
Good Sources of alpha-tocopherol
sunflower oil
hazel nuts
Good Sources of gamma-tocopherol
soyabean oil
corn oil
canola oil


Serum α-Tocopherol and γ-Tocopherol in Relation to Prostate Cancer Risk in a Prospective Stud
JNCI 2005,97:396-399

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