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How Are We Doing?

With the posting of this, our sixth “issue” of Medicinal Food News, perhaps it is a good time to see how we are doing. Putting a magazine on the www took some courage, because there was always the chance that no one would find us (it’s a big web out there) or if they did they wouldn’t like what they saw and never come back. Perhaps we were worrying too much.


There are ways of monitoring how many visits we have received. But don’t worry, except for those who send us comments or ask questions, we do not have a way of knowing who exactly is visiting Medicinal Food News. Of course there are ways of playing with the numbers. As of last week we had 4549 hits on the site. Now that doesn’t mean that 4549 people have found us, because each time you move to another page it is registered as a hit. A breakdown of individual articles shows that the most frequently visited article was opened up 353 times. So if you add up all the hits on article pages you get 3818. How many readers have we had exactly? Either 4549, 353 or 3818 or something in between!

Reader opinion is a little easier to gauge. Our questionaire has been very popular and for the most part the general comments have been very positive. It seems that most people feel, like us, that there is a need for a source of easy to understand information on probiotics, nutraceutics and functional foods. A couple of the readers (from universities) thought that we were aiming too low in our level of presentation. It is always difficult to decide how much science we can include in each article before we lose too many readers. For now we will continue with the format we have established and slowly increase the level of complexity as the subjects of nutraceutics, probiotics and functional foods become more familiar to everyone.

Another comment/suggestion we have received is to include a list of references for each article. Again, this would make the magazine more like a scientific journal and that is not our intention. If anyone has any questions about any of our articles or would like further reading we would be most happy to supply references. Of course, if more people do request references we will review this policy.

The first months of Medicinal Food News have been educational, stimulating and challenging. We are happy with the magazine so far and we hope you are too.

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