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Lactase Deficiency - Yogurt Helps

For most of us a large glass of cold milk, a milk shake or even a dish of custard is a treat that not only tastes good, but also can be part of a good diet.

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Diet for a New Millennium

Foods which are “good for our health” have been around for centuries. The words nutraceuticals and functional foods are perhaps less than twenty years old, but

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Garlic and Cholesterol

A key risk factor for the increase of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease is high serum cholesterol concentration. Studies conducted prior

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Fortifying Food

Many of us know what we should be eating to stay healthy, but often it is difficult to plan a menu that each day will supply natural sources of essential vitamins and minerals

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Trans Fatty Acids Found in Many Foods

Not all fats are made equal. And not all fats are good for you. Fats are the major source of energy in our diet. We need energy to live, grow and function normally.

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Soy Protein and Hot Flashes

For many post menopausal women the symptoms are familiar: hot flashes, insomnia, nervousness, melancholia, headaches, weakness, vertigo

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Now on Labels

Food manufacturers in the United States are slowly putting certain health claims on food labels and packages. It is a slow process because of the need to protect the consumer

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