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Zinc an Essential Mineral

Although most people can list one or two vitamins that are important to have in their diet - there&8217;s vitamin C, vitamin E and folic acid - when it comes to

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Olestra Turned Down

For many people the way to cut down on fat in their diet is to start eating low fat foods. Early on food manufacturers found that when they removed the fat from

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Cooked Carrots May be Better than Raw Ones

Everyone knows that it´s good to eat fruits and vegetables. You can probably find in most lunch bags packed for school an apple or orange and some raw vegetables

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Folic Acid: Getting Enough

Fruit and vegetables are our best sources of vitamins in the diet, but they are found in very small quantities. That is why dietary recommendations always stress

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Grapefruit and Drug Interactions

We usually think of foods being good for our health, but there are exceptions. Some people have sensitivity to such things as peanuts, shell fish and

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Iodine Deficit Related Conditions

Iodine is one of the most important microelements needed for synthesis of thyroid hormones which is vital for normal functioning of the human organism.

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Adding Anti-oxidants to the Diet

Anti-oxidants have been labelled as the magic bullet for a large range of diseases including various types of cancers and cardiovascular disease.

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