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lung cancer

Lung Cancer Risk Reduced by Broccoli

Broccoli has been the brunt of many jokes; some people love it and others would rather fill up on another vegetable. But most people believe that broccoli is good for

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Fermenting Milk May Help Ulcer Sufferers

A big breakthrough occurred several years ago when it was finally proven that a bacteria - Helicobacter pylori - was the cause of most stomach ulcers.

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A Banana/Day Keeps the Doctor Away

It used to be an apple that was included in the often quoted phrase, but now it seems that there are reasons why bananas should get as high a profile. Bananas, potassium and heart disease may

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We Need Minerals But Not Too Much

Nutritionists are very careful when they say that a nutrient is essential in the human diet. This is particularly true when it comes to minerals, because some minerals taken in high concentrations can be toxic.

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list of vitamins

Cancer Treatment Side Effects - Try Vitamins

For many people, cancer is a word that has changed their lives. Thanks to the advances that have been made in diagnosis and treatment, there are now many options opened to people who

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fish dish

Adding Fish to Your Diet is a Good Idea

Once again omega-3 fatty acids are in the news. A team of researchers led by Dr. D. Mozaffarian recently presented findings at the Annual Conference on Cardiovascular Disease

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Never had a Persimmon - A Good Time to Start

Our grocery stores are becoming more and more exotic each day. Foods from strange and distant lands are now common in many markets, even if many of us don´t know what these often

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