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Selenium Makes the News

Selenium has been one of those elements that has been around forever, but no-one really could find a use for it. Now that is all changing. The latest report by researchers in the United States indicates that selenium may have a role to play in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

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Functional Foods and the Baby Boomers

Functional foods, probiotics and nutraceutics are quickly moving from the realm of science fiction into the mainstream medical field. No longer do you have to search for such foods in little health food stores. They are in the drug stores, the grocery and the department stores

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Bifido Bacteria – The Friendly Bacteria

The principle behind any probiotic product is that the food contains live bacteria, and that when the food is consumed the bacteria pass down the digestive tract and reside long enough in the intestines to provide some beneficial effect to the consumer

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FOSHU Foods in Japan

The Japanese have a wide variety of foods to choose from that have been approved by their health regulatory officials. Instead of using the term functional foods the Japanese coined the term FOSHU or foods for specific health use

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Eat Your Porridge – it’s Good for You

The debate about fiber has gone up and down and now up again. When we were first told to increase the fiber in our diets most of us didn’t even know we were eating it.

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When is a Food a Drug?

A question that often creeps into the discussions on functional foods, probiotics and nutraceutics is when does a food become a drug? It is easy to see where this question comes from, since

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Reading Labels - Fat Soluble Vitamins

You have read all the articles, done all the talking and made up your mind. The next step is to take the plunge and actually buy a nutraceutic product. It’s not that easy. You have to face the huge array of choices available on the drug or health food store selves

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