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The Health Benefits of Tea

The drinking of tea stretches back into ancient times. It can easily be traced back over 5000 years in China, but it probably has been consumed in that country for even longer.

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Kombucha tea

It is believed that kombucha tea originated in the far East and that over the centuries it found its way first into Russia and then into Europe.

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How Antioxidants Work

Everything from tea to carrots to vegetable oils are being promoted as being good for your health. This is because these and many other foods contain antioxidants

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Selenium Low in British Diets

In a recent editorial of the British Medical Journal a researcher at the University of Surrey raised concern about the selenium status of the British population.

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Reading Labels - B Vitamins

After you have read all the articles, done all the talking and made up your mind, the next step is to take the plunge and actually buy a nutraceutic product.

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Milk to Yogurt an EM Story

Yogurt found its way to North America some 30 years ago and now is part of the dairy counter even in the smallest grocery stores

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How Are We Doing?

With the posting of this, our sixth issue of Medicinal Food News, perhaps it is a good time to see how we are doing.

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