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Controlling Portion Sizes

It has been happening at fast food restaurants and probably in home kitchens as well. Food portions are getting bigger. One hamburger used to be the standard; now two patties on a bun are common.

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Eating Less Energy Dense Food

It is not a coincidence that when people go for diet counselling as a way to lose weight, one of the first recommendations is to increase intake of fruits and vegetables. Traditionally, fruits and

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Quinoa - A Balanced Protein Source

Most of us eat the more traditional protein sources - meat, eggs and the common grains, but you may want to consider some interesting alternatives. Protein is an essential part of the diet as it provides

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Probiotics How to Compare Products

The dairy case in most grocery stores now has a wide variety of fermented milk products which contain live bacteria. Yogurts followed by kefir, have the longest tradition as probiotics. But

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We Are Eating Too Much Salt

Salt has been added to foods for centuries - first as a preserving agent and then to add flavour. Many spoilage organisms have a low tolerance to salt, so using salt to preserve fish, meat and many

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Vitamin D - How Much? What Source?

Vitamin D has recently been getting much attention as data is showing that this fat soluble vitamin may be involved in a variety of disease processes. An adequate supply of vitamin D is

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Pomegranates - Something Old, Something New

The grocery store shelves are constantly being filled by new and different food products. Each year hundreds of new foods appear and disappear as food manufacturers try to offer the consumer a

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