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Concerns About Vitamin D Deficiency

In a recent article published in the New England Journal of Medicine, a team of medical researchers at Harvard Medical School and two Australian hospitals reported that 57% of the subjects in their study were considered to be vitamin D deficient

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Eating Fish Cuts Cardiac Death

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but it seems that eating fish once a week may be enough to protect against death due to sudden cardiac crisis often accompanied by arrhythmia or irregular heat beat

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Soy Products May be Useful in Menopause

In Japan, there is no word for menopause and it is widely believed that in that country women do not suffer from the effects of this change of life.

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Vitamin Supplements May be Needed

The advice to eat a well balanced diet is still true to-day, but more and more nutrition and health researchers are recommending that supplements to the diet may be a good idea.

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Osteoperosis Easily Diagnosed in Women

A recent article published in the Journal of Clinical Densitometry indicates that bone density measurements can reliably be used to diagnose osteoporosi

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One Pill or Eight Kilograms of Carrots

The advice to eat a well balanced diet is still as true today as it ever was. Our food provides us with nutrients that allow us to grow and live healthy lives

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Eating Soy Bean to Fight Cancer

For many of us the only time soy got into our diet was when we used salad dressing made from soybean oil. More and more people are eating soybeans as they learn about the many benefits of this legume.

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