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Fruits & Vegetables are Brain Food

It sounds like common sense and not state of the art science, but the latest results published in the Journal of Neuroscience have concluded that eating fruits and vegetables are good for your health

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Cereal - A Good Way to Start the Day

So all your child will eat is breakfast cereal! That may not be all that bad according to a recent report published by American researchers

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Vitamin C and Lung Disease

A study carried out in China pointing out the importance of having a diet rich in vitamin C appears to support findings done elsewhere.

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A lot of Talk and Some Action

I recently attended two meetings / talks on the broad issues of functional foods / nutraceutics - foods that are good for health

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A Season for Cranberry and Reasons to Eat Them

Cranberries traditionally have had their place as a condiment that accompanies turkey in many North American house holds

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Homocysteine and Heart Disease

Heart disease continues to be the leading killer in the western world. Many factors that can increase the risk of heart disease

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Red Wine Good for Your Health

During the holiday season the number of parties goes up. There is always the temptation to eat and drink too much. No one can be blamed for that

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