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Dietary Fiber - Even the Experts are Confused

A recent article published in the New England Journal of Medicine has even the experts confused. For some time now it has been accepted by most nutrition and medical researchers that fiber in the diet is good

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Canadian Policy Becoming Clear

Canadians, like consumers world-wide, are looking for foods that are good for their health. Yes, a Canadian woman can expect to live 80 years (about 4 years longer than the average Canadian male), but

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What Price Health?

The manufacturer has found a way to whip water into the margarine - and not just a little water. Up to 58% of the fat reduced fat margarine is water.

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Does Yogurt Reduce Cholesterol Levels?

Yogurt has gained a lot of popularity as another dairy product that is a good source of calcium and of course, protein. Yogurt can be found in the diary case with a wide variety of fat levels

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Good and Bad Cholesterol

We hear often hear that too much cholesterol leads to heart disease. So all cholesterol is bad. Right? Well it’s not quite that easy.

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What is on the Label is What You Are Eating

As we become more and more health conscious, the labels on the packages of the food we eat get more attention. Food labels provide information that

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Tomatoes Hit the Headlines Again

A US researcher has reviewed the scientific literature and has concluded that the consumption of tomato and tomato products lowers the risk of cancer.

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