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Medicinal Food News has been online since February 1997. While serving users for over 25 years, the time has come to archive the website. The archive version is availabe at Only the articles have been stored in this single page application for simplicity
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Functional Foods - What are We Talking About

It is easy to get lost in all of the hype. It seems that each day we are being forced to learn a new word.

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Probiotics - Bacteria that are Good for Your Health

As various bacteria were identified, people started asking what these bacteria were doing in the intestine.

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Nutraceutics - Why Take Pills

You combine nutrient or nutritional and pharmaceutic and you get a term that describes foods or components of foods that appear to have drug-like action. However, the term nutraceutic more properly is applied to foods or food components that have been processed...

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What We are Trying to Do

We are being bombarded by the news that just about everything around us is bad for our health: the air we breathe, the water we drink, many of the foods we enjoy. The statistics on the causes of the major chronic diseases...

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Playing Your ACE’s

The next time you hear that someone is playing their ACE’s, don’t be surprised if it has nothing to do with casinos or even card games.

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Functional Foods in Japan

Compared to North America or Europe, Japan is far ahead in labelling legislation, product development and consumer awareness of products.

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Stay in the Pink

When it comes to choosing your grapefruit, you might want to think pink. Grapefruit comes in two varieties: white and pink. There are some people who will only buy brown shelled eggs and there are some people who will only buy pink grapefruit. Whether...

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