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Mangoes Are Hard to Eat but Good For You

Mango is a fruit that is very common in the tropics. You may have seen it in the fruit section of your grocery store, but never had the courage to buy one. Mangoes have a distinct taste

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Drinking Green Tea a Way to Avoid Caffeine?

Many people are trying to get away from their daily coffee fix, and are turning to tea, in particular green tea, as a healthy alternative. For over 4,000 years the Chinese have been consuming green tea

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Synbiotics for Good Gut Health

First it was probiotics. Then it was prebiotics. Now the two are being combined to produce synbiotics. The principal behind probiotics is that our gastrointestinal system is populated by a large number and

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Eating Broccoli May Help Seniors Protect their Eyesight

The results have only been demonstrated in the lab, but it may be that broccoli contains a powerful ingredient that can prevent the occurrence of a chronic eye disease. As we age, the eye is

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Getting the Most Out of Food Labels

As consumers we have many sources of information - some more reliable than others, some easier to understand than others. In many countries, compulsory food labelling is now

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Canada Gets Tough on Trans Fats

The consumption of trans fatty acids or trans fats has been shown to be bad for your cardiovascular system. Trans fats increase blood levels of LDL (low density lipoprotein) or bad cholesterol and

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Several Vitamin Es Effective Against Prostate Cancer

Everyone likes things simple. But very often it just isn’t that way, especially in nature. We all know we need vitamins in our diets. For our convenience, scientists have given vitamins easy names

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