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Yeast May Help Fight Infection

There is a growing concern in the health sector that we are using too many antibiotics. The concern is a rise in infections and diarrhea caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria. Infection by

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Foods to Stimulate the Immune System

We are constantly being attacked by disease causing organisms. They are in the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. Some of these organisms cause minor

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Multi-grain Cereals And Bread

It seems that whenever you turn around, there is always a new and improved product on the market. You see claims that today’s product is faster, stronger, or better for you than yesterday’s.

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Olive Oil Gets USFDA Endorsement

If you are Italian, Greek or Spanish you don’t have to be encouraged to eat olive oil. For cooking, on salads, or even as a dip for bread, Mediterraneans have been using olive oil for centuries

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Too Much Vitamin E Not Good For You?

The guiding principle of functional foods and nutraceuticals is that the traditional views of how much of a particular nutrient should be consumed may be too low. By consuming more you get

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Ancient Wheats and New Perspective

Wheat has been used as a food grain since the last Stone Age. It can be considered the oldest domesticated crop grown for food - dating from 8,000-10,000 B.C. In fact, the ancient civilizations

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Blueberries Should be in Your Diet

This is the time of the year for lists. The years top sports figures, the year’s best books, the years hottest records. Well, if there was a list about foods that are good for your health, blueberries would

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